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Elaine Super, Authority Clerk
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The Egg Harbor Township Municipal Utilities Authority (EHTMUA) operates and maintains the public sewer system in Egg Harbor Township.  The raw sewage collected within the collector lines throughout the Township is pumped to the Atlantic County Utilities Authority Treatment Plant located in Atlantic City.

Applications for Pre-Qualified contractors for April 1, 2013 - March 31, 2014 are now being accepted. Applications can be picked up in the MUA office.

2013 – 2014 Annual Sewer Service Bill
September 1, 2013 – August 31, 2014

Residential Customers - $316.00 Annually/Unit ($79.00 Quarterly/Unit)
Quarterly bills will be mailed approximately 3 weeks prior to the bill being due. Bills will be due on September 1st, December 1st, March 1st, June 1st.

Commercial Customers - $316.00 annually for the first 80,000 gallons of water usage.  $5.75/1,000 gallons of water used in excess of 80,000 gallons.  Commercial Customers will be billed quarterly with the following due dates:  October 31, January 31, April 30 and July 31.

Penalty will be charged on all delinquent accounts at the rate of 18% per annum.


Grease & Oil
Grease and oils that are poured down the kitchen sink create tremendous problems within the sewer system.  The grease and oils can build up and cause blockages in the pipes on your property as well as the main sewer lines in the streets and the pumping stations.  This buildup could also result in major sewer spills into yards, streets and waterways.

Do not dispose of rags, paper towels or any type of disposable wipe or cleaning rag into the sewer system.  The buildup of these materials in the pumping stations could result in major sewer spills.

The public sanitary sewer system is not connected to the storm drains located within the roadways.

The pumping of storm runoff and swimming pools into the public sewer system is prohibited.

1-800-272-1000  or  811

If you should experience a back up of sewage into your home you should call the EHTMUA at (609) 926-2671 immediately. A crew will plunge the sewer line at the cleanout located closest to the street or curbline.  After hours, weekends and holidays, please call (609) 927-5200.

Each home or business tied into the public sewer system will have a cleanout somewhere in the front or side yard.  This is the place where the home ties into the sewer system and will generally be near the road.  This cleanout is a very important part of the sewer system since it provides access to clean the lines in the event of a blockage or if you experience a back up in your home.  These cleanouts must be maintained by the property owner.  Each cleanout is to be capped, preferably with a cap made of brass as they are much stronger than the original PVC caps.

The cleanout should be exposed, but cut down to help minimize any damage that may occur due to property maintenance like grass cutting.  The cleanout should be covered with a cast iron frame.  All new construction is required to have the cast iron frames at the time the house is built.


Egg Harbor Township Municipal Building is located at:
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