Preserving and protecting natural floodplains in the Township is important for preventing flood damage. With thousands of acres of coastal wetlands, Egg Harbor Township has considerable buffers against storm surges and flooding as well as natural habitat and recreation areas. Protecting floodplains is not just a best practice for conservation, but it also has direct and tangible benefits to property owners in and out of the floodplain. For every piece of land in the floodplain that is preserved, that land foregoes the possibility of a structure at risk to flood damage being built on-site. The Township and the State of New Jersey have created and continue to enforce rules governing the protection of these valuable natural areas. As a private landowner, you also have an important role in protecting these areas.

     The natural functions of the floodplain are threatened not just by development, but also by human activities outside of the floodplain. Stormwater that runs off from all parts of Egg Harbor Township drains to adjacent waterways. As a result, the Township's waterways and wetlands are vulnerable to various types of pollution that could impair their functions. Because Egg Harbor Township's water resources are so important for the Township's economy and recreation offerings, protecting the natural aspects of the Township's floodplain are especially important.

What Can You Do? 
- If you're improving your property, consider using rain gardens or using permeable surfaces and reduce the amount of fertilizer your lawn needs 
- Refrain from littering and dumping pet and yard waste into drainpipes
- Safely dispose of hazardous materials and certified drop-off locations rather than down the drain
- When boating or traveling in the Township's waterways, be mindful of No-Wake zones and landing watercraft on marsh grass