Township Clerk:  Eileen M. Tedesco, RMC
Deputy Township Clerk:  Janice F. Hughes, RMC
Office Staff:  Pamela Gonzalez, Jennifer L. Rocco, Andrea Smith
Phone:  609-926-4085     Fax:  609-926-4104     Email:  [email protected]

For any Games of Chance (Bingo, 50/50, Merchandise Raffle to name a few) being held in Egg Harbor Township, the Township Clerk accepts the application and issues the license after all requirements have been met.  It is recommended that applications are filed no less than five (5) weeks prior to your event, since there is a mandatory 14 day waiting period, plus a police background check on applicants.  

New Jersey Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission (LGCCC) has final say on all determinations for games of chance.  The Township of Egg Harbor acts as a liaison to the LGCCC, but cannot contest any denial, time restraint or fee the LGCCC institutes. The following documents/links are being provided to you as a courtesy.
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