Township Clerk:  Eileen M. Tedesco, RMC
Deputy Township Clerk:  Janice F. Hughes, RMC
Office Staff:  Pamela Gonzalez, Jennifer L. Rocco, Andrea Smith
Phone:  609-926-4085     Fax:  609-926-4104     Email:  [email protected]

Before you start planning your affair, check out the guidelines:

  1. In order to properly close the street, you must submit a Traffic Control Plan indicating the area of the closure, placement of TYPE III barricades and advance warning signs indicating "Road Closed/Special Event."  It is the responsibility of the Applicant to secure and place the barricades and advance warning signs.
  2. If permission is being sought to close a county road in Egg Harbor Township, an approval by the Atlantic County Board of Chosen Freeholders is required, in addition to municipal approval.  You must file your application with Atlantic County at least thirty (30) days prior to your scheduled event.  Contact the Freeholders Office at 609-645-5928.  The approval must be submitted with this application.
  3. Organization/Invididual must provide indemnification and save harmless agreement-private affair (form provided by Egg Harbor Township Clerk's Office)
  4. Organization/Individual must provide proof of liability insurance coverage ($1 million combined single limit) naming the Township of Egg Harbor as an additional insured for the purposes of the private affair.
  5. ALL RESIDENTS located within the road closure need to be in agreement.  Resident Agreement shall be prepared identifying all affected residents by name, address, phone number and signature of consent.  The Agreement shall be attached to the Road Closure Application for Private Affairs as proof that all parties have been contacted and are in agreement.
  6. Once the road closure is in effect, no traffic is allowed into the closed area.  Residents within the affected area must move their vehicles prior to the road closure.
  7. In order to ensure that traffic on flowing streets does not stop in the roadway, road closures at intersection need to be made 50 feet into the closed road from the intersecting road to allow ample area for turning traffic to maneuver.
  8. A competent person shall  be designated as the responsible party for the road closure application and the controlling of such.  All contact information shall be provided to the Township Clerk's office.
  9. No closures will be granted on through streets that the Egg Harbor Township Police Department deems a potential traffic hazard.

Block Party/Private Affair/Road Closure Application