Egg Harbor Township Custodian of Records:  Eileen M. Tedesco, Township Clerk
Egg Harbor Township Deputy Custodian of Records:  Department Heads
Phone:  609-926-4085     Fax:  609-926-4104     Email:  
[email protected]

A request for access to a government record must be in writing and hand-delivered, mailed, transmitted electronically, or otherwise conveyed to the appropriate custodian. N.J.S.A. 47:1A5.g.  A records request under OPRA cannot be made verbally.  

If a request does not name specifically identifiable records or is overly broad, a custodian may deny access.   A custodian may also seek clarification of a broad or unclear request.  The custodian’s request for clarification must be in writing, within seven (7) business days of receipt of the request. If a custodian seeks clarification of an OPRA request, the response time clock stops until the requestor provides a response to the custodian. Example of an overly broad request: “Any and all records related to the construction of the new high school.” The term “records” does not reasonably identify a specific government record. Example of a valid request: “Any and all e-mails between Jane Doe and John Smith regarding the construction of the new high school from January 1, 2009 to February 28, 2009.” This request identifies a specific type of record, parties to the correspondence, dates and subject matter. A custodian is obligated to search her files to find the identifiable government records listed in the Complainant’s OPRA request. A custodian is not required to research her files to figure out which records, if any, might be responsive to a broad and unclear OPRA request.
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