Township Clerk:  Eileen M. Tedesco, RMC
Deputy Township Clerk:  Janice F. Hughes, RMC
Office Staff:  Pamela Gonzalez, Jennifer L. Rocco, Andrea Smith
Phone:  609-926-4085     Fax:  609-926-4104     Email:  [email protected]

It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in any of the following activities unless such person shall first have obtained a permit therefor from the Township Clerk as herein provided:  

  1. To dig up, excavate, tunnel, undermine or in any manner break up any street, paved or unpaved.
  2. To make or cause to be made any excavation in or under the surface of any street for any purpose.
  3. To place, deposit or leave upon any street any earth or other excavated material obstructing or tending to interfere with the free use of the street.
  4. To clear any Township right-of-way of vegetation for the installation of gravel material and/or construction of a bituminous concrete cartway.
  5. To perform any other operation on any street which in any manner interferes with or disturbs the surface of such street.
  6. To have any road closure/detour within the municipal boundary.
A written application for the issuance of a street opening permit, road closure/detour and/or curb and sidewalk permit shall be obtained from the Township Clerk and filed pursuant to Egg Harbor Township Code, Chapter 195, Street Opening. 

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