Township Clerk:  Eileen M. Tedesco, RMC
Deputy Township Clerk:  Janice F. Hughes, RMC
Office Staff:  Pamela Gonzalez, Jennifer L. Rocco, Andrea Smith
Phone:  609-926-4085     Fax:  609-926-4104     Email:  [email protected]

The governing body of every municipality may make, amend, repeal and enforce ordinances to establish, change the grade of or vacate any public street, highway, lane or alley, or any part thereof, including the vacation of any portion of any public street, highway, lane or alley measured from a horizontal plane a specified distance above or below its surface and continuing upward or downward, as the case may be; vacate any street, highway, lane, alley, square, place or park, or any part thereof, dedicated to public use but not accepted by the municipality, whether or not the same, or any part, has been actually opened or improved; accept any street, highway, lane, alley, square, beach, park or other place, or any part thereof, dedicated to public use, and thereafter, improve and maintain the same.  The word "vacate" shall be construed for all purposes to include the release of all public rights resulting from any dedication of lands not accepted by the municipality.  

The vacation of a paper street can be considered by the governing body by completing the application form and submitting the following to the Township Clerk’s Office.

  • FEES:  $100.00 – Application Fee (Ordinance #18-2003) and $125.00 – Engineer Escrow Deposit.  * Please note:  these fees do not include County Clerk Recording Fees, Engineering Fees (minus escrow deposit), Tax Map Changes, Newspaper Publication Costs, Solicitor’s Fees and any other fees that the Township may incur. 
  • TAX MAP:  10 copies of the Egg Harbor Township Tax Map outlining/highlighting street(s), roadway(s), or alleyway(s) being requested for vacation.
  • CONSENT AND RELEASE:  Consent and Release form(s), notarized.  * Applicant must attempt to secure a Consent and Release form from each property owner whose land adjoins or abuts the proposed street vacation.  * Proof of Service must be submitted in the form of an executed Consent and Release OR by copy of transmittal letter sent certified mail, return receipt.
  • REIMBURSEMENT AGREEMENT:  Complete and sign the Reimbursement Agreement provided.
  • DESCRIPTION:  Submit 3 sets of the metes and bounds description of the requested vacation, prepared by a licensed New Jersey land surveyor (signed and sealed). 

The Township Engineer will review your application.  Once all required information has been submitted and approved, the vacation request information will be forwarded to the Township Administrator for the preparation of the required Ordinance.  Be advised the initial staff approval is not a guarantee that the vacation will be effectuated.  

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