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If you live in a Flood Zone Area please check with the NJDEP to see if a permit is required.
NJDEP Hot Line #1-800-448-7379

The Division of Inspections oversees the enforcement of all New Jersey State adopted construction codes which include building, fire, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, asbestos, barrier-free access and lead abatement within the boundaries of Egg Harbor Township.

The Township has slightly more than 6,000 acres located in the Pinelands Regional Growth Zone. This area is bounded by Galloway Township to the north, Garden State Parkway to the east, Ocean Heights Avenue to the south, and Hamilton Township to the west. The remainder of the Township is in the CAFRA area. Egg Harbor Township is a class 1 municipality which by definition requires all code enforcement officials to be licensed as high-rise and hazardous specialist (HHS). All inspectors are licensed by the state and are enrolled in a continuing educational program. Plan review and inspections are performed by an agency contracted by the Township.

The purpose of the Division of Inspections is to control all matters concerning the construction, alteration, addition, repair, removal, demolition, use, location, occupancy of all building and structures and adequately protect the health, safety and welfare of the people of Egg Harbor Township.

Administrative, technical and advisory assistance is provided to all property owners, homeowners, architects, engineers, attorneys, developers, business owners and local and state agencies.

Construction Permits

Click here for New Jersey State UCC Construction Permit Application forms scroll down to the bottom of the page for the Permit Applications.
UCC permit app

Construction Permits are required to construct, enlarge, repair, alter, renovate, demolish, reconstruct or change the use of a building or structure or to install equipment. This is not an all-inclusive listing of permit requirements. Permit questions should be directed to the Construction Official at 609-926-4122.
Prior to applying for a permit, there are certain approvals or certifications that may be required. These approvals are called Prior Approvals and are issued by various Federal, State, and/or County agencies. Some prior approval requirements that apply to some Building Permits are:
1. Zoning (609-926-4122).

2. Cape Atlantic Soil Conservation (609-625-3144).

3. Water from either New Jersey American Water (800-652-6987) or a well permit from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (609-984-6831).

4. Sewer from either Egg Harbor Township Municipal Utilities Authority (609-927-2303) or Atlantic County Department of Health (609-645-5831).

5. Curb and Sidewalk approval from the Township Engineer Mott and Associates (609-569-1551).

6. Pinelands Certificate of Filing (609-894-7300).

7. Coastal Area Facilities Review Act (CAFRA) permit (609-292-0060).

8. Freshwater wetlands approval from NJ Dept of Environmental Protection (609-633-2289).

What is a Building Permit?
A Building Permit is a license to proceed with the work approved and shall not be construed as authority to violate, cancel or set aside any of the provisions of the regulations. The work must conform to the approved application, plans and specifications for which the permit has been issued including prior approvals and any amendments to the approved plans.

Construction Application

A Construction Application is an application for a Building Permit. The application must contain a general description of the work, the work location, use and occupancy of all parts of the building or structure, the owner(s) name and address, block/lot, sanitary waste disposal (sewer or septic), water or well, etc. Additionally, two copies of plans, drawn to scale, with sufficient clarity and full dimensions to show the nature and character of the work to be performed are required. Plans must show the following details:

Building Plans: Shall show foundation, floor, roof, structural plans (framing details), door and window sizes, section details, connection details, etc.
Electrical Plans: Shall show floor and ceiling plans, lighting, receptacles, motors and equipment, service entry location, line diagram and wire, conduit and breaker sizes.
Plumbing Plans: Shall show floor plans, fixtures, pipe sizes, equipment and other materials, fixture schedule, and sewage disposal information.
Mechanical Plans: Shall contain floor and ceiling plans, size of air distribution ducts, duct location, and location of all equipment that will be installed.

Note: All plans must be sealed and signed by a New Jersey Registered Architect or Licensed Engineer. The Construction Official may waive the requirement for sealed plans in the case of a single-family homeowner who has prepared his own plans for the construction, alteration or repair of a structure intended to be used exclusively as his private residence and to be constructed by himself.


When a Building Permit is issued, the work must be inspected throughout the construction process. All inspections will be made by subcode officials. The following inspections must be completed before work may proceed beyond the completed stage:

1. The bottom of footing trenches must be inspected before concrete is placed in the trench. In case of pile foundations, a piling report shall be submitted before the inspection is made. The piling report must bear the seal and signature of an Architect or Licensed Engineer.

2. Foundations and all walls up to grade level must be inspected prior to backfilling around the foundation.

3. All structural framing and connections, plumbing, electrical and fire rough installations must be inspected prior to insulating the walls.

4. Insulation installation must be inspected before sheetrocking the walls.

5. A final inspection of the entire project must be made before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued.

All inspections must be approved before proceeding to the next phase of the project.

Scheduling an Inspection
To schedule an inspection, contact the Building Department at 609-926-4122. Notify the Building Department 24 hours prior to the time the inspection is required. Inspection requests received prior to 3:00 p.m. are normally scheduled the next day. Inspections will always be completed within three business days.

Certificate of Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy is required for all building projects. Upon completion of the building or structure and passing the final inspection, the applicant must submit an application for a Certificate of Occupancy. The Construction Official will issue either a Temporary or Full Certificate of Occupancy within 10 days after the last approval.