The Criminal Investigation Bureau is responsible for the receipt, inventory, security and disposition of property and evidence.

Our business hours for the public are between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM Monday thru Friday. Our telephone number is (609) 926-4133.

Q.How can I find out if my lost or stolen property is being held in the property room?
A. You may call us at (609) 926-4133 and provide a case number, serial number or other descriptive information so we can check our records for you.

Q. My firearms were seized for safekeeping, when can I pick them up?
A. Prior to any firearm being released, authorization from the Atlantic County's Prosecutor's Office must be obtained. In addition, you must have a Firearms Identification Card and not he subject to any disqualifications under 2C:58-3.

Q. I had items seized for evidence and the court case has been resolved. Can I pick up my property? 
A. Prior to the release of the property, we need authorization from the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office. Prior to completion of the case, release can be granted by the Assistant Prosecutor handling the specific case. You may contact the Victim Witness Advocate for assistance in contacting the Assistant Prosecutor or contact the handling detective if one was assigned.

Q. I turned in found property, when can I claim it?
A. Any item turned in as found property must be kept for 180 days to see if we can locate an owner for the item. If the item has not been claimed it can be released to the finder.

Q. I was arrested and I had personal property seized for safekeeping, how can I get my property returned?
A. You must bring proof of identification to the property room to have your items released.

Q. Do I need an appointment to have my property released?
A. Yes, in order to ensure personnel are available to assist you please contact us at (609) 926-4133. We can then ensure that the items you seek returned can be released, set up a convenient time and retrieve the items beforehand for your convenience.

Q. What forms of identification are acceptable?
A. We accept driver's licenses, resident alien cards, New Jersey identification cards, valid picture identification, and birth certificates. Without proper identification, we will not release any property.

Q. What happens to unclaimed property?
A. Property that has no value or is contraband is destroyed. Property that has value is sold at public auction.

Q. How can I find out when the next auction will be held?
A. Auctions are scheduled through the Egg Harbor Township Clerk's Office. A list of property to be auctioned is advertised after a date is set. To see if an auction is scheduled, check the EHT Current, Atlantic City Press or this web site at Auctions

Q. Do you handle the release of vehicles from the tow lot or property from vehicles?
A. No, We do not handle the tow lot operations. See towed vehicles for instruction.

Q. My child's bicycle was stolen how can I check to see if it has been recovered?
A. Recovered bicycles with unknown owners are listed on this web site. If you see a bike that is a possible match contact us at (609) 926-4133.

Q. I am unable to personally pick up my property. Can I send an agent on my behalf?
A. You will need to send a letter of authorization to have someone else pick up your property. If you are incarcerated, you must send a letter to the Egg Harbor Township Police Department Property Room asking that the property be released to your agent. The agent's address and phone number must be included.