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Advanced Law Enforcement Accreditation

The Advanced Law Enforcement Program is specifically designed for elite organizations striving to demonstrate professional excellence within a comprehensive range of operational and administrative functional responsibilities.

Agencies participating in this program are prepared for the management of life, health and safety issues, ensuring issues ranging from community engagement to sound personnel practices are addressed.

Advanced Law Enforcement Accreditation results in a highly performing organization with the capacity to address any operational or administrative challenges, and serve as an industry leader.

The CALEA Advanced Law Enforcement Accreditation Program provides agencies an opportunity to go beyond the implementation of basic best practices.  Advanced Law Enforcement Accreditation is available for agencies having enough human and fiscal resources to consistently exceed basic service delivery.  Advanced accreditation provides agencies additional means to verify accountability to those expecting and relying upon the highest level of public safety services. 

 Advanced Law Enforcement Accreditation utilizes additional standards to further validate an agency’s ongoing commitment to attaining the highest level of professionalism possible.  These advanced standards can also provide agencies additional reductions in exposure to risks associated with civil liability.  Advanced standards are included in all 37 chapters of the Law Enforcement standards manual and are considered as an extension to the basic LE-1 accreditation program.