The Egg Harbor Township Police Department patch:

Egg Harbor Township Police Department patch

1.  The center of our patch displays the official seal of the Township of Egg Harbor.
2.  The wording on the Township seal reads "Township of Egg Harbor, Atlantic County, N.J. Founded 1710".
3.  The five gold stars signify the five Patrol Areas in Egg Harbor Township.
4.  The background color on the patch; dark navy blue matches the color of our uniforms.   
5.  The gold wording "Egg Harbor Township" and "Police" matches the N.J. stripe on the uniform pants.
6.  EHTPD members wear the above described patch on the left shoulder only.
Our current patch was designed in the 1980's by Police Officer George Rochelle #1523.  He requested permission from the Chief of Police to design a new patch in order to do away with the "cookie cutter" patch that they were wearing at the time that resembled so many other departments patches. 

Note:  Due to budgeting and security constraints, the Egg Harbor Township Police Department is unable to
provide any uniform items including our patch to the public.

The Egg Harbor Township Police Department badge:

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Current Egg Harbor Township Police Vehicles:

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