New Jersey Law Enforcement Accreditation Program
The New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police has developed a New Jersey Law Enforcement Accreditation Program, modeled after the CALEA national accreditation program and other state-level accreditation programs, which require compliance with a series of professional standards designed specifically for New Jersey law enforcement agencies. These standards are practical, easily understood, and achievable even for the smallest law enforcement agency. The standards address (1) life, health and safety issues, (2) legal and other critical requirements, and (3) conditions that reduce major risk and high liability exposures. 

In 2004 while the Department was under the guidance of Chief John Coyle and Accreditation Manager Lt. Larry Szapor, we were the first New Jersey agency to be awarded Accreditation status under this program. 

The re-accreditation process, which occurs every three years, is designed to ensure that agencies continue to comply with the 112 Accreditation Standards.  The design of the re-accreditation process makes it impossible to be awarded Accreditation status without full compliance.
Our first re-accreditation award was in 2008 under Chief Blaze Catania and Accreditation Manager Lt. Hector Tavarez.

Our second re-accreditation was awarded in March of 2011, under Chief Michael J. Morris and Accreditation Manager Lt. Raymond Davis.

On March 22nd and 23rd of 2015, under Chief Raymond Davis and Accreditation Manager MPO I Larry Graham, the agency underwent a 3rd re-accreditation review and was recommended for continued Accreditation status. This was the first review under the Coalition's revised standards. 

“ The need to ensure that policy is followed through practice is not only essential to maintaining a professional law enforcement agency, but it is critical for the protection of external and internal stakeholders. Accreditation through the New Jersey Public Safety Accreditation Commission provides a proven mechanism for agencies to institute best practices.”  - Chief Raymond Davis (Ret.)