Traffic Safety Patch

The mission of the Traffic Safety Unit  is to increase traffic safety in Egg Harbor Township through various ways, such as aggressive enforcement and traffic safety initiatives.  Realizing that enforcement alone will not reduce the incidents of DUI's and alcohol related crashes, these officers regularly provide training to local schools, military commands, and community groups on the consequences of drinking and driving.  Some members of the Traffic Safety Unit are Child Safety Seat Technicians and help to educate parents on how to properly install child safety seats to best protect their children. 

Members of the Traffic Safety Unit are highly trained in crash investigation and crash reconstruction.  These members are are available 24 hours a day to respond to all crashes involving: deaths, critical injuries, police vehicles where injuries occur, and any motor vehicle crash of a complex nature where their specialized training and expertise would be beneficial. Officers assigned to this unit pactice the 3 E's; Education, Enforcement and Education. 

Traffic Statistics

traffic statistics

Traffic Survey

We can place our speed trailer or speed sign on the desired road and help bring awareness to our community by giving a visual reminder of your actual speed and the posted speed limit. At this same time, we can gather information such as:

-* average speed
-speed in the 85th percentile (85% of the cars are going "?" this speed or slower)
- ** how many cars are utilizing the road (one direction only)
-at what time is the majority of traffic is using the road
-when are the highest speeds and most frequent violations occurring

This information can help our Traffic Unit and our Patrol Officers target specific areas of interest by accurately showing when it would be most beneficial to have officers present for enforcement.

* Radar is not certified for the issuance of summons
** Daily volume may fluctuate due to the time setting on the recorder and battery life

— As part of the traffic initiative for the area, increased enforcement may follow the --- 
placement of the speed awareness device.

Traffic Survey

Current EHTPD Traffic Safety Unit Members:

Sgt. Lawrence Graham

Ofc. Robert Moran

Ofc. James Ludwig

Ofc. Patrick Daly

Ofc. Edward Stearns

Ofc. Louis Poletis

Ofc. Benjamin Kollman

 Traffic-Related Links

The following are traffic-related links to websites that are maintained by other organizations. 

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