Brian Keane
The Egg Harbor Township Police Department places great emphasis on the importance of tactical, survival, and advanced training in various issues and topics such as ethics, cultural diversity, firearms, use of force, defensive tactics, and physical conditioning.  It is our belief the participation in and the development of a comprehensive and thorough training program helps to cultivate a culture that is committed to enhancing the level of service delivered to the community in which we serve. Once officers graduate from the police academy, we remain focused on getting them continuous in-person and automated online training in job-related fields in order to assure they are up-to-date on the most current trends in policing.

Since 2018, the Egg Harbor Township Police Department’s Training Unit Supervisor has been Sergeant Brian Keane.  Sergeant Keane works diligently with the other members of the unit, Officers Timothy Colella, Edward Bertino, and Robert O’Donoghue, to coordinate all departmental training.  Annually, approximately 175 various training assignments are issued to Egg Harbor Township officers.  Of these assignments, many are conducted in-house with departmental instructors, while others are held at various police academies and learning institutions throughout the State.  Officers also participate in numerous online lessons of instruction which are conducted utilizing State approved online platforms, like NJ LEARN and the Municipal Joint Insurance Fund Academy (Police One).  These web-based training sites feature courses and presentations created by the State of New Jersey and the Attorney General’s Office to educate law enforcement officers and other first responders.  The presentations are often followed-up by a discussion of the topics in briefings, and PowerPoint presentations along with other training material that is disseminated department-wide via the PowerDMS System.

 Should you have any questions regarding departmental training, please contact Sgt. Keane via e-mail at [email protected].