The Egg Harbor Township Police Department
is looking for a few good....volunteers.

The Egg Harbor Township Police Department institued the first Citizens' Police Academy programs in 2002, and followed over time with additional calls for volunteers and new sessions. At points in time, the Department will advertise and reopen an applicant process to accept volunteers from the community to assist in administrative police functions.

The Citizens' Police Academy is a 30 hour block of instruction designed to give the public a knowledge of the Egg Harbor Township Police Department. It has consisted of ten classes held twice a week in the evening hours. The comprehensive instructions covers each area and discipline operated by the Department, provided by the Officers, Supervisors, and staff.

Covered in this course are such topics as Organizations and Functions of the Police Department, Overview of the Criminal Justice System, Criminal and Traffic Law, Searches, Functions of Patrol Operations, Reporting to Records, Internal Affairs, the Judicial System, Weapons, Emergency Response Team, K-9, various programs in the Juvenile Community Services Unit, PAL, Explorers, and Domestic Violence Response, along with others.

Those who successfully completed the program typically donate a few hours a week in a field that matches their personal interests or expertise. It could with computers, filing, or working with the Traffic unit and moving Radar trailers from location to location.

The selection process requires a background check and interview.

Announcements for future admissions to the VIP Programmay be made on this website and other outlets.

Police & Community Services Bureau Commander