Charles 'Rob' Winkler, Township Chief
Gene Sharpe, Deputy Township Fire Chief

Gilbert Zonge, Cardiff Chief
William Danz, III, Cardiff Asst. Chief
Gene Sharpe, Bargaintown Chief
William Hancock, Bargaintown Asst. Chief
Steve Prisament, Scullville Chief
Vern Cruse, Scullville Asst. Chief
Harry Goodman, Farmington Chief
Dennis Sharpe, Farmington Asst. Chief
Wally Bakely, West Atlantic City Chief

Phone: 609-926-4070
Fax: 609-926-4181
Email: [email protected]

New Jersey Department of Community
Affairs Division of Fire Safety

Fire Districts 

The Egg Harbor Township Fire Department is composed of 5 fire companies,
whom are all volunteer.

Cardiff Fire Company
Station 1 located at 6609 Black Horse Pike
Station 2 located at 4049 English Creek Ave

Bargaintown Fire Company
Station 1 located at 6550 Mill Road
Station 2 located at 1 Tony Mink Pagano Drive

Scullville Fire Company
Station 1 located at 1708 Somers Point Mays Landing Road
Station 2 located at 1403 Somers Point Mays Landing Road
Hall rentals available at Station 1, call Veronica DeVine 609-927-0029

Farmington Fire Company
Located at 301 Maple Avenue
Hall rentals available, call Tony Malave 609-641-3012

West Atlantic City Fire Company
Located at 7004 Black Horse Pike