The Adopt-A-Road Program provides citizens with an opportunity to help Egg Harbor Township Clean Communities Program achieve the following goals: litter-free roadways and community education for the elimination of litter on public lands. The Adopt-A-Road Program promotes and establishes the stewardship of public lands by citizens, and is an example of how partnerships between the private sector and government can help resolve a problem.

How does it work? 
Individuals or Groups may "Adopt" at least a one-mile section of a Township road by completing a sign-up form and fulfilling the requirements. 
• Complete a roadside clean up at least three times a year.
• Designate a contact person.
• Participants must receive provided Safety Rules Pamphlet.
• Use safety equipment as outlined and provided.
• Age of participant will be considered when applying for a road.
• Litter will be separated into recyclable materials and trash.

Litter removal supplies and equipment will be provided by Egg Harbor Township Clean Communities. The Egg Harbor Township Clean Communities Program will provide a sign on the adopted section of road (after third clean up) that identifies the program and the organization, business, or individual.

Additional information please contact Donna Burger 609-926-3838.