Egg Harbor Township Clean Communities is a program funded through grant monies received from the State Clean Communities Program. Our objective is to combat litter in EHT via a 3-pillared approach; Education, Cleanup and Enforcement.

Our Program hosts 3 community clean up events a year;  Spring Clean Communities Day, Summer Park Pride Day, and our Fall Clean Communities Day.  These events give resident volunteers the opportunity to spend a portion of their day helping to pick up litter on public lands and parks throughout the Township,  All supplies are provided by EHT Clean Communities as well as a lunch and door prizes immediately following the event.

We also encourages residents to help do their part by hosting cleanups through our newly revamped Adopt -A- Road Program. 

The Adopt-A-Road Program provides citizens with an opportunity to help Egg Harbor Township Clean Communities Program achieve the following goals: litter-free roadways and community education for the elimination of litter on public lands. The Adopt-A-Road Program promotes and establishes the stewardship of public lands by citizens, and is an example of how partnerships between the private sector and government can help resolve a problem.    Starting August of 2021 we will be providing mini grants, in the amount of $500 to groups and individuals who apply and fulfill all necessary requirements.    

How does it work? 

Mini-Grants will be offered to all Egg Harbor Township Adopt A Road groups, businesses and individuals who fit the required criteria on a first come first serve basis:

  1. Participating groups and individuals with a 1-mile or more stretch of township road or walking path must perform at least 3 cleanups a year on both sides of the entire mile (or more) of road. Participating groups and individuals with less than a mile stretch of township road or walking path must perform at least 6 cleanups a year on both sides of the adopted stretch or road. 
  2. One member of each group must fill out a Summary Report immediately after every cleanup. This report must be submitted to the Clean Communities Coordinator within 2 days of the cleanup. You will only get credit for cleanups that were reported in a timely manner. It is your responsibility to follow up with the Clean Communities Coordinator to make sure that these reports are being received.  
  3. There is no minimum number of people who must participate in the cleanup but there must be a ratio of at least 1 adult per every 5 children participating. All children under 18 must have a written permission slip signed by a parent or guardian on file with the Clean Communities Coordinator.  
  4. No children under the age of 11 are permitted to participate in a road cleanup at any time. Special permission may be granted for a group with younger participants to participate in cleanups on locations deemed safe by the Clean Communities Coordinator. 
  5. Participants must adhere to all of the established Adopt A Road Guidelines and Safety Precautions at all times.  
  6. Every group/individual must appoint one contact person and keep the Clean Communities Coordinator up to date with current contact information. If this person leaves the group or decides to no longer participate in the program, another member must takeover and new contact information must be immediately provided.  
  7. Cleanups must be spaced out throughout the year and approved by the Clean Communities Coordinator. The goal is to keep the road adequately clean throughout the year.
  8. If all of the criteria have been met, you or your group will receive a mini-grant for $500. This $500 is per group only, not per road adopted.  

For questions, please contact Anthony Ang 609-926-3838

*** The requirements for mini-grants are subject to be changed at any time at the Clean Communities Coordinator’s discretion.***

Litter removal supplies and equipment will be provided by Egg Harbor Township Clean Communities. The Egg Harbor Township Clean Communities Program will post a sign on the adopted section of road (after third clean up) that identifies the program and the organization, business, or individual.

Additional information please contact Anthony Ang 609-926-3838.