Alan Simerson, Director
Stephen Prisament, Roads Manager
Keith Foster, Sanitation Manager
Paul Suhr, Vehicle Maintenance Manager
Oliver Leadbeater, Buildings Manager
Robert Lundberg, Grounds Manager 
Anthony Ang, Clerk 2
Mike Kalman, Clerk

Located at:
6120 Mill Road Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey 08234
Phone: 609-926-3838
Fax: 609-926-0638
Email: [email protected] 
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 3:30 pm 
Summer Hours: 6:00 am - 2:30 pm (last Monday in May until the last Friday in August)


The ACUA does accept carpet and padding for a fee.


Roads Division:
Duties include pavement maintenance and repair, street sign maintenance, tree trimming, street sweeping, snow operations, drainage, loose-leaf collection, and shoulder maintenance for over 300 miles of municipal streets.

Sanitation Division:
Duties include the removal of residential trash/sanitary solid waste, bulky waste, metal, tires and vegetative debris. All items are removed curbside, some are done on a regular weekly or monthly basis, others are done by call-in schedules.

Vehicle Maintenance Division:
Duties include the maintenance and repair of all Township owned vehicles and equipment.

Buildings Division :
Duties include the maintenance of all municipally owned Buildings

Grounds Division:
Duties include the maintenance of all municipally owned  Grounds, Athletic Fields and Parks

The Department of Public Works maintains the publicly owned assets throughout the 68 square mile Township. The department is an integral part of emergency management and addresses the day to day duties of Road Maintenance, Vehicle Maintenance, Buildings, Grounds and Sanitation.

Clean Communities:

Each year Egg Harbor Township receives a grant from the State of New Jersey Clean Communities to provide for the cleanup of litter on public property and to promote education about litter abatement.  Public Works hosts two Community Pride Day's one in the spring and another in the  fall for individuals and groups who wish to volunteer to help remove litter from the public parks and roadsides.

The grants are also used to fund the Adopt a Road program where groups or individuals can adopt all or a portion of a road to provide periodic litter removal. The program will provide you or your group with everything you need (including tools, bags, safety signs, safety vests, disposal costs) for roadside clean-ups.

If you or your group is interested in the Clean Communities Program, please contact Public Works at 609-926-3838


Safety - Slow Down to Get Around


Every year, hundreds of service workers are injured or killed as the result of their exposure to traffic on the busy roads and streets throughout the region. The 68 square miles of Egg Harbor Township and all of Atlantic County is one of the fastest-growing areas in New Jersey. As the area grows so grows the volume of work of the public agencies. This results in more trucks and personnel "on the street".

As we go about our busy days we sometimes take for granted the flashing lights of a trash truck or road crew. It can be annoying to be held up by the slow-moving vehicles as they go about completing their tasks. 

When the motoring public and service workers team together, we can maximize safety and minimize the delays. Egg Harbor Township participates in the SLOW DOWN TO GET AROUND safety awareness program. The mobile collection and service work crews have been provided with up to date training and safety warning devices to make themselves and their equipment easy to see by motorists. They have also been trained to utilize safe work practices to avoid injury and damage to public and private property.

Trash Collection Traffic Safety

An average sanitation truck will make between 500 and 700 individual stops weekly, collecting between 13 and 15 tons of trash. It is very likely that you will encounter one of the crews as you travel about the community. 

At each stop, the driver must be mindful of conditions that can delay the process or expose them to personal injury. With that in mind, we can partner together to minimize the exposures and ensure prompt service.

PLEASE SLOW DOWN! The few moments safely waiting behind a collection vehicle to clear a stop will go a long way to minimizing the dangerous practice of swerving into the oncoming lane of traffic.

Watch for signals and warning devices. The drivers are trained to make their intentions as clear as possible to allow time for safe decisions on the part of other drivers.

Please use your headlights and a quick tap of the horn to make sure the workers know you are there. Try to make eye contact with the workers to make sure they know you are there before proceeding Watch for hand signals from the flagmen or workers before proceeding.