Manuel "Manny" Aponte, Class IV, Chairperson
Paul Rosenberg, Class IV, Vice-Chairperson
Paul W. Hodson, Mayor, Class I
Peter J. Miller, Township Administrator, Class II
Laura Pfrommer, Deputy Mayor, Class III
Charles Eykyn, Class IV, 2nd Vice-Chairperson
Victoria Schiffler, Class IV
Phil Todd, Class IV
Stephen M. Mazur, Alt I
Robert Levy, Alt II

2020 Professionals
Christopher Brown, Esq., Planning Board Solicitor
James A. Mott, P.E./Robert Watkins P.E., Planning Board Engineer
Vincent J. Polistina, P.P., Planning Board Planner
Terry Wilbert, Secretary
Phone: 609-926-4093
Fax: 609-926-4003

§ 36-1. Establishment; composition. 
There is hereby established pursuant to P.L. 1975 Editor's Note: See N.J.S.A. 40:55D-1 et seq. in Egg Harbor Township, a Planning Board of nine members, consisting of the following four classes:

Class I- Mayor - 1-year term
Class II - Officer of Municipality (not on the governing body) - 1-year term
Class III - Committeeperson - 1-year term
Class IV - 6 Members - 4-year term
Alternates - 2 Members - 2-year term
For a total of 11 Members (because of Alternates)

The Planning Board reviews and approves applications for proposed development ranging from major shopping centers and office complexes to major and minor subdivisions of land permitted under the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance. The Planning Board is an 11-member entity consisting of elected and municipal officials and volunteer Township residents. The Board appoints their own Engineer, Planner, Solicitor, and other professionals deemed necessary for the review of an application.


If interested in being appointed please visit the Citizen Leadership Form to submit your application for consideration.